180 jump squat
Alternating Superman
Bentover Flies
Bicycle crunches
boxing crunches
bulgarian squat
arnold press
bulgarian twist
Jump squat + sprint
chest fly
crossbody bicep curl
flutter kicks
buzzsaw plank
diamond pushups
hammer curl
frog crunches
glute raises
inchworm pushup
ball pass crunch
180 jump squat
elevator plank
upright row
skull crushers
side plank march
spider pushups
steup up
squat + calfraise
superman lift
sumo squat row
tricep dips
squat + side crunch
lateral raise
plank + tricep kickback
lateral bicep curls
plank fly
plank jacks
object move planks
pasta pot hops
plank hops
canoe crunches
tricep overhead extension
knee elevator
around the world lunges
jump squat
panther shoulder taps
squat slide
1 leg deadlift
starfish crunch
ball pass pushups
iron cross
superman pull down
reverse crunches
reverse pushups
reverse bicep curls
pushup rows
toe pulse squats
jump squat
overhead ball situps
side to side plank
platform plank hold
knee to elbow plank
mountain climber
L-sit leg raise
knee tap plank
knee to elbow squat
layup shoulder press
jump squat
lateral raise
kettlebell swing