I'm a big believer in context.

Most educational content, advice, and mentorship is not unique. At the very least it's derivative. Why so much duplicate content?

That's because who delivers the content matters. The key is whether or not you trust the source enough to follow the advice, which is where context comes in. I'm sharing details about my experience below to give you context for how and where I've developed my expertise. If you have questions, please ask (I'm the most responsive here: @jayyeh). If it all adds up to you, I'd like to help.

-Jason Yeh, Founder of Adamant


I grew up outside Richmond, VA in a typical Asian-American household that stressed achievement. This brand of upbringing had a lot of positives - I did well on tests, went to good schools, and pursued prestigious jobs. It also had its drawbacks - I developed imposter syndrome, used $$ to measure success, and avoided failure at all costs. Maybe those flaws are familiar to some of you too...

Eventually, I made it into the worlds of venture capital and then startups. As a venture-backed founder, I had to work through a lot of those deep-seated deficiencies without much support. I learned. I grew a ton. The experience was nothing short of transformative and gave me the perspective that helps me connect with and give support to founders through Adamant today.


2012: I joined Greycroft Partners as a post-MBA associate. Through 3.5 years at the firm I saw 1000+ pitches and was a part of 50+ investments.

2016: I led a Seed investment for Greycroft and joined the company to help close out the fundraise of $2MM from top-tier firms.

2017: I co-founded Tape and closed $2MM, again from top tier firms. Tape would eventually sell to Hustle

2020: Launched Adamant to share my insights into fundraising with founders everywhere

As a formal and informal advisor to startups, I've helped companies raise over $250MM in capital.


I love speaking to groups of founders and am always open to doing it more. Click here to share more about your organization and my team will be in contact.

Over the last 2 years, I've spoken to top startup accelerators, graduate school programs, and other talented groups of entrepreneurs around the world.

Covered Topics:

- Working in Venture Capital
- Fundraising Unlocked (First Principles of Fundraising)
- The Entrepreneurship Journey
- Life...ah life.


I love sports, travel, and cooking (ask me about my Taiwanese Scallion Pancake recipe)

My go to karaoke songs are:
Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus
I Would Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf

In 2009 (<1 year after the launch of the App Store), I developed a fun iPhone game called Buzzword Frenzy. The website is hilariously still live and you'll notice I released it under Adamant Ventures!

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