I started working on Adamant as a hobby. The grateful notes I received from founders encouraged me to spend more time refining my practice and improve my ability to help entrepreneurs gain access to investor capital. Here are some of those notes. I hope to receive something similar from you one day!

Topper Luciani
Founder / CEO, Goodfair
$3.9MM raised

Jason has been an incredible advisor to me. He helped guide me through the fundraising process and was instrumental in our successful raise. A tool based on his frameworks is gold.

Cary Levine
CEO & Head of Product, TeamAI

Aaron Ginsburg
Attorney, Fenwick & West

My first experience with Jason was as a professor in my Venture Capital class in business school. I loved his style of teaching then and think it comes naturally for him to do this for entrepreneurs with Adamant Ventures.

Falk Siegel
Co-founder, Kleta

Suzy Ferreira
Founder/CEO, Dinie

Clement B
$9MM raised

Your tools are impressively clear and comprehensive, thanks again for giving to everyone.

Frank M
$88MM raised

I’ve always used a google sheet CRM for fundraising but never as detailed or as polished as yours…it makes a big difference. Thank you!

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