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1. Service Expectations
Our service only works alongside founders who have a clear understanding of their business and vision. Via our questionnaire and feedback process, we gather the most important information to help you upgrade and finalize a story + deck flow that effectively influences investors. This service is not intended to help a founder with pathfinding or to hash out what parts of their business they should focus on. If we discover at any point that the founder does not have enough clarity to leverage our work, we will stop the process and issue a refund.

2. Client Expectations
This is not a "throw it over the wall" experience. Our service is highly collaborative and relies on active engagement from the client in order to finalize an amazing deck that influences investors. In between each round of feedback, it is the client's responsibility to make the edits and content updates based on our detailed guidance.

Remember: "garbage in, garbage out" so don't mail it in when given homework. Our final output will be highly dependent on your willingness to work alongside of us!

3. Visual Design Focus

On the visual design side of things, our focus is to apply improved design and visual polish influenced by our understanding of investor psychology to the newly engineered story flow. We will incorporate and improve any visual assets you already have, but will not create new complex visuals from scratch (ex: here's this really messy idea.. now create a visual for it). If you need help around a specific visual or diagram, you must provide reference images for our team to draw inspiration from.

4. Value and Quality
When creating these services, our inspiration was Uniqlo…as in extremely high quality at reasonable prices. In order to maintain our pricing model, we have a clearly defined process around communication, feedback, and work expectations. We will be strict with the number of iterations so make the most of each round!

5. Communication Approach
To deliver the highest quality end result at an accessible price, we run a design process built around flexibility and efficiency. Therefore besides the first live call, we prioritize asynchronous communication. That means text-based (emails, comments on docs, etc) and recorded media via Loom (

6. Feedback and Iteration
We will need your feedback multiple times throughout the process. To keep this organized, we create a Google Doc that serves as a hub for assets and communication. All feedback (whether it’s text, audio or video) will live in that document or in Canva or Google Slides. This keeps the process streamlined and avoids time-wasting confusion.

7. Final Delivery
Our final deliverable to you will be a fully designed deck with additional blank template slides (for any add on slides you may want to create in the future). This will be delivered to you via Canva or Google Slides with accessibility to all graphs and assets.

8. Timeline and Engagement
The estimated timeline is 4 weeks. The process requires your active engagement and feedback multiple times throughout the journey. Please note, if you take additional time to get us feedback, the process will take longer and timelines will naturally shift.

9. Guarantee
Our deck review & finalizing service eliminates guesswork. We guarantee a pitch-ready deck that gives founders the confidence to win over investors. If 48 hours after delivery, you don't believe we met our guarantee, email us to tell us what the problem is. If we cannot cure your concerns, we will happily refund your money (minus transaction fees). This guarantee does not apply if the client did not actively engage per section 8 ("Client Expectations") - in such cases our time was wasted too.

10. Disclaimer
This service runs a pitch deck through the highest-quality review and finalizing process but does not guarantee fundraising success. We can enhance your presentation to make it the best version it can be, but the outcome depends on factors beyond our control, including market conditions, investor preferences, and your pitch performance. We commit to optimizing your deck to represents your business effectively, not to ensuring specific fundraising results.

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"Wow! I so appreciate the work and thoughtfulness that went into this. Looks amazing and is already shaping how I'm approaching the story (and the business)."

Aatash Parikh

Founder / CEO, Inkwire