Fundraising Solutions

Frameworks, tools, insights and services to help you execute the best fundraise you can

Funded Podcast

Award-winning podcast featuring the fundraising stories of amazing founders and the lessons to learn from them.

Fundraising Tools


Investor Database & Outreach Guide

Simplify investor outreach with our all-in-one pack, offering email templates, a database of 14k investor emails, and more than 2,000 investors and funds categorized by type and focus.


Superchargers for Future Fundraises

Create a powerful CRM for your fundraising efforts in our online workshop, featuring 15 video explainers, 8 step-by-step project plans, and 17 copywriting templates.


Fundraise Management Tool

Manage your fundraising campaign effortlessly with this Google Sheets tool, complete with tracker forms, question and objection handling, and a user-friendly intro signup sheet.


Dilution Overview

Understand the basics of dilution, generate a dilution sensitivity table, and plan for multiple rounds of fundraising and their total impact on your ownership.