Adamant Deck Design

Have your deck designed by a team that  knows fundraising  andhow to influence investors

Trust our design process

Our basic design process takes your existing rough draft (slides or bullet points representing slides) and makes the visual representation beautiful, clean & effective.

If visual design is not enough, we also offer story engineering. This add-on service, starts with an asynchronous feedback and Q&A session followed by a narrative redesign driven by Jason himself.

We know how to do this

(but don't take our word for it...)

Design Only Process



Founder Submission

Submit a form including all necessary details such as inspiration, current drafts, and specific preferences.


Initial Slide Design

Our team designs one slide based on your submitted information.


Feedback on Initial Design

Provide feedback on the initial slide to guide style adjustments.


First Complete Draft

We design the first draft of the completed deck incorporating your feedback.


Review and Feedback

Review the first draft and provide feedback for revisions.


Final Revisions

Our team revises the deck based on your feedback.


Final Delivery

We send the final, polished version of the complete slide deck.

"Wow! I so appreciate the work and thoughtfulness that went into this. Looks amazing and is already shaping how I'm approaching the story (and the business)."

Aatash Parikh

Founder / CEO, Inkwire

Our two offers

Design Only
Incorporate design thinking proven to be effective in Adamant fundraising work
Design your deck up to 15 slides
2 rounds of feedback & revisions
3 bonus template slides for future work
*Adamant Community Members pay $950 (ask us how)
Design + Story Engineering
Everything in design only plus
Additional Q&A + Feedback cycles to help advise the story-engineering process
Full re-engineering of story based on Jason's fundraising philosophies and style
Companion video walkthrough to explain new story flow, how to deliver it, and ways to adjust
*Adamant Community Members pay $3450 (ask us how)
"The number of compliments that we get on the deck - it's pretty crazy. Everything was so tight, and I think that was entirely because we had Jason's guidance for that process.

Saad Rajan

Co-founder & CEO of Naya

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