The hardest part of fundraising prep... done for you.

Building a target list of 100+ investors via warm intro is the ultimate starting point for a best-in-class fundraise. But it takes time. LOTS of time.

There's a better way. AIR is a white glove service that takes the pain away, and accelerates your work to kicking off the fundraise of your dreams.

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How It Works (Part 1)

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Custom Research to Discover Opportunities

We begin by thoroughly analyzing your network, testing different search queries to identify promising connection pathways. Our detailed spot checks ensure only the most relevant results make the cut.

Cautious and Comprehensive Data Crawling

We perform a slow, methodical crawl of your LinkedIn data to prevent any disruptions, taking up to a week to ensure everything is perfect.

Analyzing Potential Connectors

Our team combines technology with manual review to determine who among your contacts can be pivotal in reaching your goals, wrapping up in just a few days.

How It Works (Part 2)

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Select and Tailor Your Connection Requests

Have you already reached out to potential connectors? Let us know, and we'll customize your outreach emails, speeding up the process if you provide prompt feedback.

Identifying Key Investors Through Your Network

We identify potential investors you can approach via your connections, ensuring each match aligns with your investment goals.

Refine Your Matches

We manually sift through potential connections to ensure quality fits. Opt for a lighter review if you're open to broader networking opportunities, which can expedite the process.

Set Up Your Outreach Strategy

Review and select the email addresses you wish to use for introductions, and approve our tailored email templates to start making connections.

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