TBC: Explaining "this isn't venture-backable"

By Jason Yeh
November 22, 2022
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Getting constructive feedback from experienced investors has always been part of any founder’s journey.

When it comes to feedback, it’s vital that you accept this truth: your business is not for everyone, and that’s okay.

Some will like it, some might take time to see your vision, and some will immediately reject it.

In this episode, Jason Yeh talks about one of the most famous painful pieces of feedback that investors give founders: “This isn’t venture-backable.”

That feedback isn’t the end of the fundraising journey though. There are things to consider and actions to take before really deciding whether or not your business is venture-backable.

Don’t miss this episode and find out the truth behind that statement, how you should take it, and what actions you should follow up with.


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TBC: Explaining "this isn't venture-backable"

<p id="">This is a fantastic episode covering one of the most important insights around fundraising</p><p>‍</p>

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