TBC: Post Money Cap Safes have Anti-Dilution!

By Jason Yeh
January 31, 2023
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We’re back on post-money cap SAFEs talk!In the previous episode, we explained what it is and how it works within the fundraising process.

For this episode, Jason goes deeper as he illuminates a more specific topic: the anti-dilution provision within post-money cap SAFEs.

With the evolution of the fundraising and startup worlds, many things have changed, and the rounds raised by founders are tremendously affected.

This affects everyone in the process - both founders and investors.

Tune in with us as we examine the entirety of this process and how it affects your fundraising!


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TBC: Post Money Cap Safes have Anti-Dilution!

<p id="">This is a fantastic episode covering one of the most important insights around fundraising</p><p>‍</p>

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