TBC: Why In-person Meetings Are So Valuable

By Jason Yeh
November 15, 2022
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Now that the world is slowly emerging from the pandemic that transformed our lives over the past two years, it’s about time that things go back to normal.

Catching up in person, talking over coffee, meeting for dinner - it’s been a while, and a trip to Brazil for a live workshop reminded Jason why face-to-face is so important.

In this episode, Jason talks about the power of holding in-person meetings.

Despite the convenience that zoom meetings offer founders and investors, nothing beats the experience of sitting across the table from the person you’re talking to.

What can in-person meetings specifically bring to the table that long hours over zoom could never?

Tune in to this episode as Jason discusses his observations around the difference between online and in-person meetings.


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TBC: Why In-person Meetings Are So Valuable

<p id="">This is a fantastic episode covering one of the most important insights around fundraising</p><p>‍</p>

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