TBC: The Role of Emotions in Pitching

By Jason Yeh
September 7, 2023
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What's the most important part of pitching your company to VCs?

Some think it's sharing the right numbers and statistics.

Others think it's about giving the investors a wealth of information about the company.

And then there's those who believe storytelling to be the key.

To be clear, I think all of these are important aspects of a pitch.

But theres something missing - emotion.

If you tell a story but have no emotional connection to it, it's just a story.

If you overload investors with information and numbers but they have nothing to connect it back to, it's just clutter.

In this episode I talk about the importance of connecting all aspects o your pitch through emotion.

If you can get an investor to feel the relief your product or service gives to it's customers AND then back it up with proof, chances are you've got a deal.


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TBC: The Role of Emotions in Pitching

<p id="">This is a fantastic episode covering one of the most important insights around fundraising</p>

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