TBC: What VCs Are Saying About AI Investing

By Jason Yeh
August 31, 2023
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Ever since chatGPT was released in November of 2022, there has been a flood of other AI platforms pulling from OpenAI's original technology.


That being said I was so curious to know what that means for venture capital firms funding these new AI companies, when it seemed like all the hard work was being done by OpenAI.


Why were investors pouring money into these AI startups that didn't seem to have defensible technology?


I wanted to hear from experts in the industry who could give me answers - so I made it happen.


A couple of months ago I hosted a fireside chat with Yohei Nakajima, GP of Untapped Capital and founder of BabyAGI and Sarah Catanzaro, GP at Amplify Partners.


They were able to answer all of my questions and more. In this episode, I sum up their answers and key takeaways for you to hear.




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TBC: What VCs Are Saying About AI Investing

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