Decks That Get You Funded: The Adamant Approach to Pitch Decks

​Your deck isn't helping.

​I've been working closely with founder pitch decks for a while now. In doing that I've noticed how often founders miss the mark on creating an impactful deck that grabs the attention of investors.

Time after time, I see the same mistakes.

Whether it's trying to cram as much information as possible, having no real direction or build-up, leaving out vital information, the list goes on - there's a lot to be improved on.

In this workshop, I'll be covering how to...

  • ​Construct a narrative that excites VCs
  • ​Avoid the most common pitch deck mistakes
  • ​Create the proper flow and structure that gets investors to nod along
  • ​Use knowledge of investor psychology to make your deck stand out

​... and more.

If you're trying to take your pitch deck to the next level, we hope to see you there.

​​IMPORTANT: I have some exclusive giveaways ready for those who join us live at the event so make sure you register and hold the time!

Gain access to our free mini-course on utilizing mini-stories in your pitch:

​Most founders struggle with storytelling in their pitches.

They trail on and on or don’t incorporate memorable speaking points to amplify their message…or both.

To help I’m releasing a FREE mini-course on how to craft and use mini-stories. It includes:

  • ​2 lessons with over 10+ minutes of recorded lecture content
  • ​1 detailed exercise to implement your learnings
  • ​a compilation of essays I wrote on narrative, deck & pitch

This is a huge value add.

​To gain access:

​1. Click on this link

​2. Take 1 minute to create an account on Circle (the platform we use for our courses)

​3. Boom! access granted

​After 4 weeks, you will get booted out so that we can roll out the next mini-course! (this also serves as a push for you to actually absorb the content instead of feeling like you have forever to do it)

​​​Don't just take my word for it - hear from some of the successful founders who have attended my workshops in the past:

​I flailed around for 2 years. Then closed an investor weeks after our cohort concluded. Thank you Jason! - Rob B.​​​

​The learning for me has been tremendous, was delivered in a very consumable way. Jason, you've just been incredible at delivering nuggets of gold and answering all questions thoughtfully and candidly. - Dina G.

​​​​I can't even tell you how meaningful it’s been for our previous and this current round… complete GAME CHANGER! - Zohaib A.

​​​​There’s no better way to learn and to activate that deep inner desire to become a better version of yourself. That was one of those events for me. In one word: mind blowing. - Victoria H.

​Really enjoyed your workshop yesterday. There are so many of these out there but yours was the best I've seen yet. - Alex R.

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