The Trick to Building a HUGE Investor Target List Without Spending Years Networking

How to build an investor target list that is BIG and accessible... without needing to spend a decade networking

​If you've started prepping to fundraise, you know the common advice is to be prepared for tons of rejection. The only way that math works is if your target list of investors is massive.

​All of that is easier said than done...

​​Join us to learn the exact process we've used to train hundreds of founders...

​...how to combine advanced LinkedIn techniques, 3rd party software, and streamlined processes to execute a campaign to request introductions to investors who could write you your next check

​​Part 1: Constructing Your Investor List

​​How do you get warm intros to investors? It starts with building a targeted investor list and is one of the most crucial parts of the process. Don't miss this crucial training that can greatly impact your fundraising success.

​​You will:

  • ​​Master LinkedIn's massive potential to uncover hidden gems and connections that will propel you ahead in your fundraising process.
  • ​​Discover the art of leveraging mutual connections, harnessing their network's influence to secure valuable investor introductions.
  • ​See how the Adamant Team uses 3rd party software to shave dozens of hours off the process
  • ​​Craft a highly targeted list of potential investors, ensuring your fundraising efforts are relevant and effective.

​​Part 2: Mastering Mail merges for Investor Outreach

​​Personalized, impactful outreach emails to potential investors can make all the difference. In Part 2, we help you nail this process. You will:

  • ​​Unveil the secrets to setting up efficient mail merges, enabling large-scale outreach without sacrificing the personal touch.
  • ​​Save significant time and resources and dodge common roadblocks by mastering this critical step of your fundraising process.

​​Don't let this exclusive opportunity pass you by!

​​Access to this tactical walkthrough is typically only available as a module in our program Adamant Fundraising, which has helped founders raise over $311M

​​By the end of this 90-minute deep dive, you will level up your fundraising game and secure a powerful tool in your arsenal — a strong investor list. You will also become adept at streamlining your investor outreach process with effective mail merges.

​​Register today to secure your spot! 😎


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