Coming Soon: Funded

By Jason Yeh
October 16, 2020
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Coming Soon: Funded

In this trailer, hear the background for what will be an amazing season of conversations that show what it takes to get a startup funded. Intriguing quotes from the founders of Zumper, Fama, TRNDS Sports, and more tease some of the topics that will be covered.

Episode Transcript

Jason (host): [00:00:00] I know, you've heard stories that sound like this: a startup founder has an idea, lands some investors and then changes the world. But what about that second part of the story? Fundraising? How do entrepreneurs convince people to give them money?

Anthemos: [00:00:17] We had no full confidence at all of what we were doing.

Ben: [00:00:21] I knew nothing like I'm talking about like, I didn't even know how to write the email

Olivia: [00:00:26] How many slides are supposed to be in a deck? Like what is normal?

Jason (host): [00:00:30] This podcast is about how founders went from there to millions in the bank. It's not about overnight successes or slam dunks. It's about entrepreneurs learning the hard way, what it takes to get an idea…Funded.

My name's Jason Yeh. I've listened to thousands of pitches as a VC investor and raised money twice as a startup founder.

In this season of Funded, I talked to founders who have raised hundreds of millions of dollars and have the scars to prove it. We'll cover how they learn to ask complete strangers to bet on them..

Anthemos: [00:01:02] The instinct is to listen to their advice and go change everything immediately. And that is absolutely the wrong instinct.

Jason (host): [00:01:07] Emotional rollercoasters…

Jordan: [00:01:09] Oh my God. We're going to get a check from drafting is amazing and then COVID hit.

Jason (host): [00:01:13] And of course what it felt like to get funded… 

Ben: [00:01:16] I do remember the feeling of awe and also like, holy shit. Now the work starts.

Jason (host): [00:01:23] Funded premieres this November. See you there.

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